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Introducing Smith

To all our esteemed clients, vendors, partners, and viewers, we wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to the last couple of months. Knockout has joined together with Watt Architects to form Smith, a design and hospitality group. We make things. Big things. Bold things. Different things. Things people would tell you aren’t possible to make. We make them anyway.

Although we’re sharing our new name with you, we remain the same in spirit. Our core has not changed. Nor has our work.

We’re excited for the future of Smith, and we look forward to continuing our work together.



New Work: Inner-City Scholarship Fund Annual Report

For over 40 years, NYC’s Inner-City Scholarship Fund (ICSF) has been devoted to providing a first-class, Catholic school education to the most underprivileged students in the five boroughs. And as one of the largest non-profits in the country, its success rate is a testament to its work. Year over year, 98% of seniors from ICSF-supported high schools graduate, with 96% of those graduates pursuing higher education at universities across the globe.

Since 2008, Knockout has been ICSF’s premier agency, working on all aspects of creative, strategy and production. ICSF’s annual report has been the highlight of this work, each year adding a new layer to an already established brand. For this year’s annual, we focused on the concept of Writing the Future. Through ICSF’s giving, NYC’s disadvantaged students are able to step out of poverty and truly create their own futures. The education that they receive at ICSF-supported schools is a stepping stone to achieving their dreams.

It’s always an honor to work with the students, teachers, principals, and ICSF staff that ultimately make up this great cause. Five years on, we continue to see what’s possible when you give young minds the opportunity to thrive.


New work: Jenks Club

Self-proclaimed as the greatest party destination on the Jersey Shore, Jenks Club attracts huge crowds all year round. Having worked with Knockout for the last six years, the Jenks team was ready for a website refresh right around the time that Hurricane Sandy hit the Eastern seaboard, destroying most of the businesses along the famous shore boardwalks. Unfortunately, Jenks was not spared by the storm; but it wasn’t knocked out, either. Committed to coming back stronger than ever, Jenks worked with Knockout to not only refresh its website, but to reframe the brand in a big, bold way.

In reimagining Jenks’s personality, Knockout moved from the comfort of Trio Gotham to an italicized version of Akzidenz Grotesk, bringing an edge back to the brand that had been lacking in recent years. Brighter colors, higher quality photos, and a new sense of spirit all contribute to the latest look of the site. Visitors can also now see their Jenks Club geotagged Instagram photos right on the homepage, replacing the bulky Gallery page from the previous design iteration. Additionally, Knockout’s redesign streamlines and organizes Jenks’s site’s content so guests can more easily find out what’s going on, whether they’re on their laptop, tablet, or phone. Using media-query responsive design, the site restructures itself for optimal viewing in all browser sizes and across all displays.

A new look for a new Jenks.
Sometimes you’ve just got to rebuild.


New work: Hoop Group

Since 1963, Hoop Group has been the worldwide leader in basketball instruction, with many top NBA draft picks rising through its camps. Headquartered in New Jersey, the Hoop Group team came to Knockout three years ago to rebrand them. Since then, Knockout has overseen all print collateral for Hoop Group — and camp enrollment has risen dramatically.

Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, Hoop Group asked Knockout to design a special campaign for the 2013 season, resulting in our HG13 concept. Playing off the idea of living a video game, HG13 takes its cue from the annual titles of bestselling sports games like Madden and NBA 2K. In today’s day and age, video games are how kids learn player names and special moves. We wanted this enthusiasm and knowledge to translate into the physical world, bringing kids that much closer to their video game dreams.

Choose your battlefield.

Hoop Group

Hoop Group

New Work: Russo

Knockout has designed a new brand identity for Asbury Park’s own Russo, a leading provider of musical instruments and one of the largest independent music stores in the country. Modern, open and straightforward, the identity is a take on an upside-down registered trademark, conveying the subtle thought that Russo, and music, is anything but corporate.

Russo is a lifestyle, not a logo.

The new identity features an accessible font with the Russo name set in uppercase. Knockout also removed the word “Music” from the company’s name in order to give the brand some breathing room and separate it from the generic Guitar Centers of the world. Real musicians work at Russo. Real musicians buy from Russo. The name speaks for itself. And now the identity does, too.


New Work: Fitness Lifestyles

As one of the largest exercise equipment showrooms in the US, Fitness Lifestyles has been serving the Tri-State area and beyond for over 25 years. During this time, the brand had never been fully designed, leading to years of various stylistic additions and subtractions that were detracting from the business.

Teaming up with Knockout to rediscover the brand’s youthful spirit, Fitness Lifestyles asked us to begin with a redesign of its commercial catalog. Drawing from the visual language of athletics, Knockout emerged with a sporty, toughened look – alongside bold colors and typography – to give Fitness Lifestyles a more contemporary feel that would still appeal to its established audience.

Knockout first provided Fitness Lifestyles with a new font family to draw from. Moving away from the soft, rounded font of the identity, the main font became ITC Machine, giving a strong, angled presence to the brand. You can almost hear the grunt of an athlete working out.

Along with the typography, the imagery has undergone some changes. Dynamic visuals aim to highlight the products and make use of dramatically energetic shots. We’re looking forward to completely revamping the Fitness Lifestyles brand in 2013.


New Work: Eneractive Solutions

When Knockout first branded Eneractive in 2007, the engineering consulting firm was just a small, entrepreneurial venture with a lot of heart in the middle of downtown Asbury Park. My, how a couple of years under your belt can change things. Earlier this year, the firm was ranked #24 on Forbes list of America’s Most Promising Companies. Given such a worthy accolade, we felt the time was ripe for the Eneractive to take on a redesign of their website.

The update showcases Eneractive as a true player in the energy industry, working its highly-recognizable orange into the expansive background images of the site. Previous versions of the site were limited to the orange and gray of the identity; the new palette brings a sense of depth into the mix, incorporating blues, blacks, and reds. The refresh also improves navigation, adds a blog for current projects, and builds on the Eneractive identity established five years earlier. Content is also much more easily searchable via Work and Market segments, allowing users to direct their focus to the area that matters most to them.

Looking forward to seeing where Eneractive heads next. A world-class brand doesn’t stay in a small city for long.



New Work: Porta

Knockout’s team knows a thing or two about food. They branded their first restaurant in 2006, Asbury Park’s own Brickwall Tavern, a home for comfort food, good, cold beer, and the Everyman. The identity they created quickly became one of the most well-known and recognized in the area, cementing Brickwall’s status as an integral pioneer in the turnaround of the city. One year later, they designed the identity for Brickwall’s mischievous sister, The Annex, a down-and-dirty cocktail lounge built for the young, late-night crowds on Cookman and Bangs Avenue.

Now, Knockout has created the logo, identity, menus, interiors, furniture, and website for Porta, Asbury Park’s claim to the best Neapolitan pizza and dance hall under one roof (the same roof under which Bruce Springsteen met the late, great Clarence Clemons). Having just celebrated its first anniversary, the new restaurant/bar/national park, one block behind the internationally renowned Stone Pony, is owned by Smith, the same group that also oversees Brickwall and The Annex. Smith also owns the 11-story building at 601 Bangs Avenue, which is currently being branded by Knockout as Palomino Blackwing. Smith is defining itself as a potent player in the hospitality industry, with plans to develop a number of new restaurants and a boutique hotel in the near future. Let us know if you want us to save you a table.